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Today , my dad had bought a new car for himself as a Christmas present . This is the 2nd time dad bought car in Christmas season ... @@ The car called 'Fortuner'. Full with leather seat (quite comfatable ) . Honestly, I don't really knows about car .. =/ So, thats all for today ..

Ananda Wong

Unconsciously, I had become a begginer photographer. My dad bought me a Nikon DSLR camera last Sunday as my early X'Mas present.

Features of this camera~

1) A new DX-format CMOS image sensor and image-processing engine, EXPEED 2, both developed by Nikon enable capture of high-definition images with superior image quality

2)A refined Guide mode that is even easier to useGuide mode has been refined to make most camera operations even easier, from shooting to image playback and editing to the application of camera settings, regardless of the user's skill level.

3) Live view mode that allows users to use the camera monitor to easily frame still image or movies

4)D-Movie for recording and editing full-HD movies and AF-F (full-time servo AF) focus mode for movie recording

5)Scene auto selector built in

Some sample photo taken by me =D

Ananda Wong

Look at the date today, is 23 Nov 2010 already !!! ... Oh my ! I'm so nervous and can't wait to back China visit my relatives there... The last time I visit them was 2 years ago... Hmm, I will go there for 15 days and 14nights ... I think it should be enough time to hang out with them.. =D well, some of my friends ask ' whole China people is your relative ar ? , tell us which part of China you go la ' ...

Haha, actually , I'm going to Haikou ... Which also known as 海南岛.. =D By the way, I'm a hainanese actually.. =D hehehe

Beside that, I want to share a song which make by Namewee =D Hope you like it ^^

Ananda Wong

Friends are one of most important things in our lives. Unfortunately we only have a few real friends. I have a lot of friends- girls and boys. It doesn't matter who they are. They have to be my real friends. He or she has to be good and reliable. It doesn't matter how he or she looks like. He or she has to be responsible and helpful. I think these people are one of the best people in the world. If she or he is attractive and sensitive it will be wonderful! Just like me! But we have to be good with our friends who haven't got character like this. Every man has features which he doesn't like. We shouldn't forget that we are people, too. I'm sure that if we are good with people we will have more and better friends.Lastly, a true friends won't forget each others.

Ananda Wong

Sorry 4 X blogging for a few days ... Honestly, I'm lazy to blog...hehe... I had watched 'Megamind' 3D with my brother and his GF on last Saturday... It was funny and awesome =D...

On Sunday, I had went to 1B with my bro , his GF , and my 2 nephews... We have lots of fun there.. we all play game in the fun square and had ice-cream after that... We even play poker card together after we had our dinner in the night not including my nephew of coz...

We play this in the fun square

I had nothing to share on Monday ... ' Hari Kecemerlangan ' was so boring today. Luckly Gavin sat beside me on that time... we both chit-chat untill the end of the program just now... 10.30am school had ended.... == but I wait untill 12.30pm due to transportation problem...

This is a video which shared by Shaun... If you don't mind.. please watch it... What he say was all real !.. trust me...

Thats all for today

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Anandawwl [5.35pm (tuesday) 16NOV 2010]

Our school had just became a ' Cyber School ' today... After we finish our UBS cause today, teacher let us play computer games... whereas for other student which in other computer classroom... their teacher let them play computer for whole day... ==' damn !... I wish school will remain unchange as today for everyday XD ahaha... I'm sure everyone's attendence will full hahaha....

We take this picture before the UBS Account Cause start in the school hall

They play Cho Dai Di at the computer lab after they finish their lunch

Jonathan and Ariffin playing D.O.T.A. in the computer Lab

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Anandawwl [11.27pm (Thursday) ]

Top 11... Honestly, I'm not really satisfy my marks... but what to do ? This is the consequences should I get because I didn't really study for this exam ... =( Promise to work harder next time...

That’s all for today

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Anandawwl [10.29pm (Wednesday) ]

Many unhappy things happend today, not in good mood to blog ... I'm sorry friends.. =(

That’s all for today

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Anandawwl [10.53pm (Tuesday) ]

After finish Physics paper 3 today , form4 students have recess earlier today because of the ' Kempen Membaca 1 Malaysia' program... The program was just okey because I'm so tired and doesn't feel like wanted to read book that time... all of the student read their own story book for 40minutes...

After the program ended, form 4 science students have their Biology paper 3 ... I blank the B part (experiment) of the paper because teacher never teach us this experiment before... After that , Chemistry paper 1 again... It was ok for me =) but the for calculation question... not all I can get the answer..

Tomorrow form 4 science students going to have Chemistry paper 2 and 3... Finally reach the last day of exam.... exam was just boring... ><'

That’s all for today

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Anandawwl [9.34pm (Monday) ]

Eliza Sam who from Vancouver, Canada had became the champion during ' Miss China International Peagent 2010 ' yesterday night... Belle Theng who from my country (Malaysia) had took the second place while Candy Chang who also from Canada took the third place... Picture below is the top 3 winner of 'Miss China International Peagent 2010'

Belle Theng(left),Eliza Sam(mid), Candy Chang (right)

Talking about today, It is a boring day for me =( ...well, this was how my day started.. After I finish my breakfast at cha diam ... I went to Sutera Habour with my family and also Uncle Frank... we talk nonsense ...

I had learned a new chapter at Addmath tuition today which title 'integration differentiation'... Honestly, it's quite hard =( but not the understanding problems... is the mathod problem... too complicated la... but I will try my best to learn it =D...

That’s all for today

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Anandawwl [8.41pm (Sunday) ]

After I woke up and brush my teeth today, I start to play computer game... * DOTA * It so funny today... Jon quarrel with a public player in Garena... Too bad I didn't screenshot their conversation...Alphalxl Group members had played a game with public player....

This is the screenshot during the beginning of the game

Beside that, my BM teacher had post in facebook that she had count wrong our BM marks....It suppost BM 1 + BM 2 / 240 x 100 = %.... but we all count BM 1 + BM 2 / 230 x 100 = %...
My BM marks had drop from 72 to 69... =( Luckly my BM didn't scored A in 1st...

This is the screenshot which post by my Bm teacher in Facebook

Well, I guess this marks was arranged by God ....

That’s all for today

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Anandawwl [ 6.56pm (Saturday) ]

Well, today was Deepavali day which is public holiday for Malaysian =D I woke up quite early without any reason... About 12pm in the afternoon, I went out for lunch with my parents... After that, I went to town to watch movie with my cousins at Suria Sabah... We watch ' Adele and the rise of the mummy' The ticket cost RM9 per person... Normally, we paid RM7 but the salesgirl of the ticket counter said there were no students price today =(

'Adele and the rise of the mummy'

This movie was just okay =/ ... because I feel that this movie was very difficult to understand it's starting ...The ending also didn't attract me ... If I given a chance to vote this movie... I will give 5 stars out of 10... By the way, 'Erine Chan' had just became one of my navigation today... Hope she enjoy her reading here...

That’s all for today

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Anandawwl [ 9.00pm (Friday) ]

Triple Kill for 3 subjects which pawned me exactly at 72 marks...Shit la... 3 marks also can't give me =(

1. Bahasa Melayu
2. Sejarah
3. Prinsip Perakaunan

All the opportunity for getting top 5 in my class were gone forever ! but I'm happy that I had pass my Moral with 62 marks ! ! ! Now I just have 2 A's ... =( The last and only hope is Chemistry ...I need at lease A- Or else... Just can hope to get Top 15... =(

That’s all for today

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Anandawwl [ 8.50pm (Thursday) ]

I get 42 for my Physics.. =( it so terrible... Maybe is becasue I didnt put lot of afford on it.... Now there are 2 fixed subject to fail... One is Physics while another is Biology...

Shit!... Actually I though I will fail Biology only... but now... Physics also fail already... =='
I think this is the consequences of overconfident .... but never fear... I still have holiday time to study...By the way, I'm going to learnt the 1st chapter of form 5 for Physics subject tonight... Hehehe...Hopefully I can understand well it ... =)

That’s all for today

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Anandawwl [ 6.24pm (Wednesday) ]

Oh Shit !... I have sore throat today... st first, I plain not to go school today... but I think twice...It just a small diseases... So , I went to school as usual...

Biology today was just like nothing happend... I didn't even look at the book yesterday... because I'm planing to drop it next year.. orelse it will spoil my SPM exam result... Just like what happend to Mr Ooi's (my math tuition teacher) SPM result.... He is the only people who fail Biology in his school...haha...

During the school assembly today, the school decipline had checked our hair... Gavin was very lucky today... His hair was very long ... Me and Gavin had cut our hair after school today... I spend RM12 for cutting my hair with ' layer' style... =D

That’s all for today

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Anandawwl [ 9.45pm (Tuesday) ]

Oh my... Addmath exam was very hard today in the paper 2... =( What to do ? Honestly, I didn't study at all .... This is the consequences in the end for people who didn't study...Hmmm... Biology exam is on tomorrow... Reading this subject is just wasting my time... I can't even understand what is all talking about... well many friends tell me that.. reading this subject is easy but just need to memorize everything... I hate to memorizing things... =P

I heard Evan say that Gavin got the highest mark for Mathematics in School Examination... He scored 98% in Mathematics... wow... Honestly, I'm jealous in the 1st =@ sometimes.. I can't understand that why does other people can scored good marks for their exam but I cant scored it ? Maybe is also a consequences...Haiz....B4 I go home, Gavin told me I get A for my Account ... but he say he doesn't scored A in Account... Obviously,I can see him trying to comfort me for being jealuos of his Math's marks... Hmm... hoping hat what he had tell me was all the truth... =)

This is the video which my friends asked to to watch... It really funny ...but only hakka people can understand it... =D enjoy

That’s all for today

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Anandawwl [ 3.06pm (Monday) ]


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