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Finally... I had miss one day to blog which is yesterday -.-III I was very tired yesterday after finish gym... I spend whole afternoon by chatting with my friend (S.J.Y) in facebook and my dear cousin ( Zack Wong) who migratted to Canada 3 years ago... I'm happy that he is coming back to visit me during this coming October : )

Beside that, today 6pm I'm going to school to help teacher in the school band concert with my 2 friends which is Gavin and Ronny . I will take some photo during the concert and upload it in the next post.

Things I want to share today are one funny joke (shared by Prince Tarabas II in facebook ) and my study time table :D ... I used almost 2days time to complete my time table.


一天,Derrick 正在看VCD,老妈捧了一本书进来…

老妈: 这个'I don't know'是什么意思?
D: 我不知道…
老妈: 送你上大学读了几年,你怎么什么都不知道?!
...D: 不是!就是'我不知道'嘛~
老妈: 还嘴硬!说完老妈给了我一巴掌
老妈:: 那 'I know' 是什么意思你应该知道吧?!
D: 是'我知道'
老妈: 知道还不说?
D: 就是'我知道'呀!
老妈: 知道你还不说!?不懂不要装懂!
老妈: 'I know but I don't want to tell you'是什么意思?
D: 呜呜呜…妈…你打我吧…

My Time Table

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Today after Bm class , is it still raining i hadn't noticed .... Raining means we didn't have sport class Zzz... Although only two periods sport class for each week but unfortunately today was a rainny day which means the sport class have to cancel... :( Since today didn't have sport class, our class 4A get a free 2 periods to do anything we like ... 'Time is precious' so we have to appreciate it ... Me , Gavin and Timothy had do a dialogue for our coming Bm oral test... This is the thing that I want to share for today ^^ Well... enjoy your reading

Cara yang berkesan untuk memperolehi keputusan yang cemerlang

Ananda: Hi Gavin, Hi Timothy, apa khabar?

Timothy: Khabar baik .

Gavin: Khabar baik juga.

Ananda:Keputusan bagi sememster ini ok kah ? Mata pelajaran mana yang kamu dua memperolehi A dalamnya ?

Timothy: Saya hanya dapat 3A dan telah ditegur oleh ibubapa saya kerana mendapat keputusan yang masih kurang memuaskan.

Gavin: Saya pula dapat 1A sahaja iaitu dalam pelajaran Matematik Tambahan. Mata pelajaran merupakan subjek kegemaran saya. Bagaimana pula dengan kamu, Ananda ?

Ananda:Haiz... Bagi saya, sama dengan Gavin iaitu 1A sahaja. Mata pelajaran pelajaran yang saya dapat A adalah subjek Science iaitu Kimia. Uinah ! Hebat juga kamu, Timothy.
Gavin: Ya loh, apakah teknik-teknik strategi yang telah kamu gunakan untuk memperoleh kuputusan yang begitu baik ?

Timothy: Masih tidak cukup baik lagi. Teknik yang saya gunakan adalah membuat jadual waktu supaya masa saya dapat digunakan megikut jadual yang telah ditetapkan.

Ananda:Oh! Jadi itukah cara kamu memperoleh keputusan yang begitu cermerlang ? Adakah kamu mengikut kelas tuisyen di luar ?

Timothy: Tidak ada. Bagi pendapat saya, mengikut kelas tuisyen hanya membuang masa dan wang. Jika menemui masalah dalam pelajaran, saya akan berjumpa dengan cikgu untuk mengajar saya.

Gavin: Bukan itu sahaja. Selain itu, kami juga harus sentiasa membuat ulang kaji dengan banyak menggunakan masa yang berharga daripada membazir masa untuk melakukan aktiviti yang kurang baik.Bak kata pepatah' masa itu emas'

Ananda: Ya,saya bersetuju dengan Gavin. Bak kata pepatah' membaca jambatan ilmu'. Kita sepatutnya mengisi masa lapang dengan membaca buku untuk mengisi ilmu pengetahuan.

Timothy: Ok lah, cukuplah setakat ini. Saya akan mendoakan kamu mendapat keputusan yang cemerlang dalam peperiksaan yang akan datang.

Ananda: Begitu juga dengan kamu . Jomlah, Kami minum di kantin.

Gavin: Jom.

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After arrive school , the first thing I do was go to the class and check my drawer. Lol... It so rediculous... I found my watch back... I still can't belive... Yesterday I still remember that before leaving the class to the Chemistry Lab I got double checked my drawer . On that time, nothing were inside my drawer...There is really a miracle!!!

Today I suppost to go for Physics tuition but unfortunately tuition teacher sicked... She said that she going have an operation... which means no tuition for one whole month .... Have to study my own for this month... OMG ! ! Look at the date today... Is already 4th August 2010 !!! ...Still left 21days more to exam...I really got to start to study...cause I had promoised to work more harder for the next exam... My friends told me that,
each day study for two hours is already enough... no point study for ten hours each day... Well... I'm going to try his study method.. I'll start to study on friday...

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After school ended , my hand feel like very light and I just recall that last time I saw my watch was in my drawer . Before leaving the class to the Chemistry Lab I had double checked my drawer to sure that I didn't forget to bring home all the text books but unfortunately I din't saw my watch in there ... :( That was my favourite watch which bought in Taiwan during May holiday...People who accidentally took my watch hopefully that you will return it back to me as soon as possible.

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Thinking of school exam... I had plained to make a study timetable. Purposely plained to do it because I didn't really had enough time to study and also can finish all the school work given by school teacher on time. I will try my best to make the study timetable as soon as possible... because I hate thing done in last minute ! ! I will post my study timetable when it done :D

Things that I want to share today is the knowledge that I had learnt during the Physics class today... which is Pascal's Principle . This chapter were so hard , especially the calculation... Zzz

Before the lesson start, Physics teacher got tell us Pascal's Principle state that pressure applied to an enclosed fluid is transmitted undiminished to every part of the fluid, as well as to the walls of the container .But according to the internet, it state... (enjoy your reading)

Pascal's Principle states that when there is an increase in pressure at any point in a confined fluid, there is an equal increase at every other point in the container

A container, as shown below, contains a fluid. There is an increase in pressure as the length of the column of liquid increases, due to the increased mass of the fluid above.

For example, in the figure below, P3 would be the highest value of the three pressure readings, because it has the highest level of fluid above it.

If the above container had an increase in overall pressure, that same added pressure would affect each of the gauges (and the liquid throughout) the same. For example P1, P2, P3 were originally 1, 3, 5 units of pressure, and 5 units of pressure were added to the system, the new readings would be 6, 8, and 10.

Direct copy from

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Went to Gym at 1.30p.m and finish Gym at 3.50p.m...
After that, my bro and I went to 'Fu Yan' for tea break....
Lol... Today I just realise that how small is the World was... Before went to the Gym just now, My bro and I went to 'CPS' (Center Point Sabah ) to take something from his guest ... when we wanted to leave 'CPS' unexpected that my bro and I saw cousins car at CPS parking lot there... Lol ! Maybe that was just a coincidence...
But... When we went to 'Fu Yan' for tea break... Do belive that we meet not just our cousins at there having tea break but also our Mum and Dad at there having tea break ...this really unexpected... could just you say that, this also a coincidence... ? ? ? XD

Beside that, I just realise my elbow muscle are getting bigger and bigger... :D
Today is the fifth time I went to the Gym ...sound like a good beggining... Hopefully I can achieve my dream one day... Picture below is my dream..XD

Six pack body shape

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