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Today , we (the form 5 students ) had been given a talk by a lecturer who name Ezone Constantine. The first thing he asked today was ' Do you belive in yourself ' ? Then, he order us to write our recent result in a piece of paper and give a maximum target for SPM. I don't mind to share with you all .

(recent result mark---> SPM Targeted gred)
BM: 56--->A

Now you see it, is my recent result terrible ?of cause it is a yes for me ! He told us, he get 7 failed in his last exam before he going for his SPM . Will you believe it ? But all he do was work harder and doesn't give up. Although,He doesn't told us what he get for his SPM but he does tell us he doesn't get any gred below 'B'. He says, 'If I do it , you also can do it ! and If If I'm gifted , So are you' We are the Champion!

If you want to success , this is the things you should do


Thomas Addison ( light bulb maker) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook creater) who used to fail in their life before, but did they give up ? Try to imagine, if Addison give up and do you think that we have lights today ? and also Mark , do you think we have FACEBOOK today if he give up ? Their's successfulness are used by the people in the whole wide world now. Just tell yourself , 'there's no such thing as fail' and 'if you fall down, you have to get back up ! Fight for your dream and be a successful people !

These few days, I keep think of the question 'how people succeed easily ? ' and finally, I've find out. They succeed because they have work hard for their dream.Peoples who succeed doesn't mean they did not failed before, but they belive in these worlds 'failure is the mother of success, as long you have work hard, i'm sure there's will be a reward'. Bill Gates is the person that I admire the most in this world. He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution and today everyone in this entire world used the software that he created. Trust me, They succeed because they have work hard for their dream. By the way, I've create my own step to success and I wish to share with you all.Try to read it and do give me any suggestion if you have better ways ^^.

Step 1: Manage time efficiently.
Time is precious, so I have to make used of it. What I did was plan a timetable for myself. =)

Monday: Biology-2 hours

Tuesday: Sejarah-2 hours

Wednesday: BI-1 hour


Friday:Physics-2 hours , Mathematic-1 hour

Saturday: Addmath-2hours, Chemistry-2hours

Sunday: Moral-2 hours

Step 2 :Listen to the teacher during classes.
I've try to give a 100% of concentration when the teachers teaching. Besides, I've also try to ask teacher as many question as I could for those things I don't understand.

Step 3: Get enough rest for everyday.
I used to sleep in the afternoon after my lunch. For night time, the time that I go to bed is around 11.00pm . According to scientists, the minimum time for a human to rest is at lease 7 hours per day.
Step 4: Have a healthy body.
For me ,one of the proper way to have a healthy body is doing exercises. If you do exercises frequently, It will make your body become strong and won't be able to get sick easily. I used to go gym to do exercise at lease once a week.

Step 5: Release stress
Sometimes, we have relax our mind. If not, we won't be able to give a 100% of focus during our study. One of the way, I release my stress is playing computer games (dota ofcoz) XD. Chatting with friends is one of my favourite . I used to do that to relax too ^^

Step 6: Confidence
You must have confidence in doing everything . Tell yourself, God is fair. Every human that he bring to this world have the same ability. If peoples can success, Of cause we can !!! =D

Yesterday, I reach UMS at about 7.15am . The purpose I go there is listen to the SPM talk. Honestly, I fall in love with Malay, English and History after listen the talk . Previously, I found that language subject and some subject which need some powerful skill of memorization to score , but after listen to the advice which said by the lecturer, I've gained more confidence to study and score it. Some of you may think the talk does'nt work out, but seriously I think it help me a lot. ^^ Oh my gosh ! Look at the date today, it's already 3rd of April 2011 !!! and SPM 2011 left 225 days to go , I have to make a desperate effort and work harder from now onwards... Good luck to me !!!


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