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Today go to school as usual...
During Chemistry class we do a experiment .The title of the experiment is 'Voltaic cell'...
The purpose we do this experiment is to prove that when two different metals are immersed into a electrolyte and connected by wires, electricity is produced. In the 1st time ,my group used same metals which is copper and copper connected by a pair of wires and a voltmeter. We observe that the voltmeter doen't show any reading. After that, we changed the metals by switching one of the metals to magnesium. Wow... our observation is the voltmeter show a readings and bubles are observe in the negative terminal of the wire ...Can you belive that !? Besides using Sodium Chloride as our electrolyte , we also used lemon , tomatoes and kitzai . OMG!!! I really cant belive that that three material showed a reading in the voltmeter ! ! !

Ahh... Is time for Biology class... OMG... I didnt study the things that Biology teacher taught. Well ?... When teacher ask me question about the previous lesson , I cant answer :(
So.. teacher punished me standing for two period... Funny rite ? XD

During the recess time , I went to 4B class look for Siaw J.Y to borrow her history note book. After that, I went to school library returned the two discs which i borrowed yesterday. After i returned the two discs, I borrowed two new disc from the school library again which are Biology form4 disc 2 and Physics form4 disc 2
Ehehe... I just told Gavin about the disc while others don't know :P

Ring~ the school bell rang ,is time for account ! Account teacher was so ridiculous today because she didn't check our homework that she had given on tuesday... Lol ? 7 question !!! many ! I purposely wake up at 4a.m today to complete all the account question... == What the hell ? But, It's ok :D
At lease I done the account homework by myself XD

Besides that, I didn't go for Chemistry tuition just because of staying back at school for basketball competition . Friends that same team with me are Cypri , Kenny , Arden , Timothy , Artic and Lim Boe Hing. Too bad, Cypri and Boe Hing didn't join the match today. Today is Green house ( my team ) versus Yellow and Orange house , unfortunately we lose both match. :(
Green VS Yellow score is 8-15 while Green VS Orange 3-6
I think the reason of my team lose is because of me :(
Me as a sucks defender defence in my own court ... 死定了咯...
but not because if Arden , Kenny , Artic & Timothy
They all no 球风 today... can't blame them
Thats all for today

Thanks for reading :D



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